The Church Without Walls | A New Orleans Ministry

Yeah yeah, I’ve been lazy the past week and haven’t kept up my blog. Anyway, I just wanted to share a cause that I support. It is called The Church Without Walls and it is an organization that ministers to the homeless of New Orleans. It is absolutely awesome. Go see how you can make an impact.



You see that handsome booger? That is my nephew, Brantley. He is an absolute doll and I had the joy of watching him yesterday and today. He is a great baby. He entertains himself, only cries when he needs something, he is very happy and smiley, he is fairly clean, he doesn’t want to be held all the time, he goes to sleep by himself and, at seven months old, he sleeps through the night. AWESOME kid. He is! But I am so paranoid. It is a major downfall.

So last night, after a very long eventful day at the beach, I put Brantley down to sleep at 11. And he went right to sleep. No whining, no crying, no nothing. Not a peep. Every parent’s, or in this case babysitter’s, dream. Brantley got a full night’s sleep…and I. Got. None. Seriously. I couldn’t sleep, because I was too worried about my precious nephew either waking up screaming and me sleeping through it, or him getting SIDS. Which is absolutely horrific to think about and I know he is past the age of concern for that, but my paranoid brain just wouldn’t turn off. And I was so exhausted.

I mean…I have never known this kind of exhaustion. Not even when I helped my sister with him the first two weeks after he was born. Sleeping without getting rest is probably the worst feeling ever.

Luckily, I have an amazing mother who sent me to bed once Brantley was down for a nap, and I slept. And slept. It was so nice. I really need to get over this paranoia though. I always knew I was a bit of a worrier, but I didn’t think it was that bad. I guess I was wrong.

Fun at the Beach!


Andi and I in our snorkeling gear. I didn’t realize until now that our masks matched our swimsuits!

The beach! Yes. Navarre beach in the Florida panhandle, to be exact. It was a WONDERFUL day. Beautiful. The water was calm and clear and it wasn’t excruciatingly hot. The sky was just slightly overcast and I didn’t get [too] burnt, so that’s awesome. I even got to go snorkeling for the first time! I mean…didn’t find anything really but it was great. I probably spent about ten minutes just floating face down in the water trying to catch a fish. A school of them kept swimming around me. I didn’t catch any, but they swam close enough that I could touch them. It wasn’t the weather that made this day great though. I got to spend quality time with my bestie (Andi, the blondie in these pictures) and my godson, Bryson; and of course Anita, the closest person I have to a grandmother. All of these amazing people! I love them so much.

Unfortunately, Andi and Bryson live in Alabama so I only get to see them maybe a couple of times a month. Luckily this means that every time we hang out, it is always tons of fun. After we finished up at the beach, we headed towards a water slide nearby. Apparently the slide was 46 feet tall…they tried to get me to go, but…ah…no. I am not a fan of steep drops and adrenaline. Bryson and Andi went down without a problem though. Brave kid. Or maybe I am just a pansy. Anyway, picture time!


This picture…I just…I…I can’t. Everything about it….just…go ahead. Laugh. I did 😆


Yeah…um…this is when I was trying to catch fish.


One of my most favorite pictures!


And another…


And another xD


And of course…end of the perfect post for the perfect day with two of my most favorite people in the entire world!