VotD: July 28, 2013


“For the highest God above, who is and always will be, the only One who is holy has this to say: I live in the high and holy place, yet I am with the low, the weak, and the humble. I renew their vitality and revive their strength.”

– Isaiah 57:15


Jesus’ coming to earth is not inconsistent with the God who reveals himself in the Old Testament. God is high and holy. God is righteous and majestic. However, God loves people, especially people who come to him knowing that they need his love and grace. To those who seek him with passion and reverence, God brings revival that touches the spirit and heart.


Holy and Righteous Father, thank you for loving me and coming to save me in Jesus. Father, I do come humbly to you asking that you fill me with your Spirit in a more powerful way and revive my heart and stir my spirit to work for your glory in my life today. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.



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