Today’s Sunday Sermon

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Today has been sort of a bummer. I headed off to church with a heavy heart, expecting it to lift my spirits. Our pastor always manages to throw in funny anecdotes that tie into the message…and there was one kind of. But before that, we were informed that a church member’s two year old grandson had sleep walked into the pool last night and he has gone to be with God. This news is just heartbreaking and I ask that you, although you do not know his family, please pray for them during this trying time. And if you do not pray, please keep them in your thoughts.

To add onto this, I have come to the realization that I am not going to be able to keep my horse. I maybe have two or three more years with him and, if he hasn’t passed on by then (he is 19, but in great shape; I wouldn’t be surprised if he lived into his 30’s), then I am going to have to give him up. Mind you, I have had J.R. since I was 13…so that’s 9 years. I went into ownership with the intentions of keeping him for his entire life, but if I want to pursue life as a missionary I just can’t afford him. And it breaks my heart. I do have maybe three more years with him, so you might tell me not to worry about this right now, but I can’t help it. I don’t know anyone [who would want him] that I would trust giving him to. He is my baby. In a perfect world, I would give him to a friend I thoroughly trust who can give him the care and attention he deserves and updates me on him a few times a month and would let me come see him. That’s what I would love for him…but unfortunately I don’t know that person. I have three years to find them though! If you or someone you know fits this description (and wouldn’t mind building a friendship for a few years and would eventually want a horse) please comment below.

Now, onto what this post is supposed to be about:

The Message

“I’m not just talking theory. There is urgency in all this. If you’re apathetic and complacent, you’ll miss the moment of opportunity. You should be wide awake and on your toes like servants who are waiting for their master to return from a big wedding reception. They’ll have their shoes on and their lamps lit so they can open the door for him as soon as he arrives home. How fortunate those servants will be when the master knocks and they open the door immediately! You know what the master will do? He’ll put on an apron, sit them down at the kitchen table, and he’ll serve them a midnight snack. The later he comes home — whether it’s at midnight or even later, just before dawn — the more fortunate the alert servants will be.

In contrast, imagine a complacent, apathetic household manager whose house gets robbed. If he had been aware that thieves were waiting in the bushes and what hour they were coming, [he would have watched and] he never would have left the house! I’m trying to tell you that these are times for alertness, times requiring a sense of urgency and intensity, because like the master in the first story or the thief in the second, the Son of Man shows up by surprise.”

— Luke 13:35-40

The Sermon

The past few sermons have been about service. We must be open and eager to serve and follow God and serve others. When we turn away from God and decide to pave our own paths, we become blind to opportunities to serve others and spread the Word. If we serve Him with all of our heart and if we serve those around us, not only will we play a part in saving souls, we will be greatly rewarded and He will serve us in return. So if you find that you have pulled away from Christ and rejected His path, I call you to just circle back around and follow Him, because in serving Him there will be great eternal reward. Rejecting Him will lead to eternal regret.

Prayer Requests

If you have any prayer requests, please comment with them below. You can be as specific or vague as you want, and I will pray for you and submit your requests to my Lifegroup on Thursday.


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