Life After Blogs

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Okie dokie, guys. I am gonna start doing a daily prompt from The Daily Post! And then there should be a weekly prompt I’d like to hop into too, but that will start tomorrow.


Your life without a computer:  what does it look like?

It is hard to imagine life without a computer. I have at least had access to one for as long as I can remember. Life without it now, though… It would be a completely different beast. I would probably watch a lot more television. Ya know, to pass the time. I definitely wouldn’t be writing this blog. Facebook would not be a priority for me. I never would have made some pretty great friends. Maybe I would be outside more often…well, at least I’d like to think so. I would talk on the phone more, which would be a good thing if I didn’t loath talking on the phone. My mom and sisters wouldn’t tease me about being on the computer all the time. For school assignments, I would be frustratingly dependent on the library. I probably wouldn’t know half as much as I do and making credit card payments would be a pain. I’d like to think I would cope well without a computer, and maybe if I never had one in the first place I could, because I wouldn’t know any other way… But if one day out of nowhere I just didn’t have a computer anymore, I believe I would not be a very happy human being.

That’s a little sad, isn’t it?


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